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Partnership U.S - Brazil brings English Teaching Assistants to Unipampa

Program started in 2014

Fulbright and CAPES, two important scholarship fosters in the U.S and in Brazil, partnered up sending English Teaching Assistants to Brazil. The program English without Borders promoted the English Teaching Assistants program—the ETA program. Unipampa is one of the institutions of higher education that hosts two of them every year since 2014. The scholarship lasts for nine months—from February to November and Dr. Kátia Morais, English professor, coordinates the ETA program and is responsible for their activities at UNIPAMPA. They are based at Campus Bagé.

Amber Schaffer and Michelle Pettersen were pioneers in 2014. They are from Kansas City and Chicago and both have a Major in Education and the teaching of English and a Master´s in Education. Besides learning Portuguese while they were here, they spoke Spanish. They helped with English classes in the Language and Arts program, they started the Conversation Club open to the academic and non-academic community, and they worked for the English without Borders program lecturing at Campus Bagé, Caçapava do Sul, Jaguarão, Santana do Livramento, and Uruguaiana.

Alexandra (Sasha) Guttentag and Sofia La Rocca rocked campus Bagé in 2015. They are from San Francisco and Frederick, Maryland. Sasha has a degree in Public Health and is applying to graduate school in Brazil and the US. Sofia has a degree in International Relations and spoke fluent Spanish. They both got here speaking some Portuguese and left fluent in the language. They also spoke Spanish, French, and Russian. They crowed the Conversation Club with their energy-filled cultural activities and welcomed from basic to advanced students  of English. Sofia held a Dance Club—learn English while you dance—which  resulted in an end-of-year presentation. They also worked for the English without Borders program and lectured for students at Campus Bagé and Santana do Livramento.

Next year we will welcome Jennifer DiLallo, from Tucson, Arizona, and Christopher Chu, from Houston, Texas.  Jennifer has a degree on the teaching of English for speech impaired bilingual students. Christopher has a degree in Chemistry. They come to campus Bagé to contribute to the teaching of English and English culture. They also come to learn Portuguese and Brazilian culture to be able to take a bit of us to the northerner hemisphere at the end of their journey.


Source: Katia Morais